I think I need a place to leave links, so I can come back to them later. So far: yoga videos and non-Wordpress blogs I want to re-visit.

Yoga videos

Morning sequence– Jason Crandell (old favouritve. Been doing this for a long time. I have an older, less “snazzed up” version on my i-pod, which I like to use in the garden).

Yin yoga for runners- hips and hamstrings– Kassandra Reinhardt (reccommended by inverted sneakers – as talked about here)

30 minute class- hips, hamstrings, lower back– David Procyshyn (tried this the other night. It’s good stretching session, but felt a bit frantic after doing the Yin session a couple of days before, without being a nice “flow” like you get in the Jason Crandell sequences)

Podcasts that I listen to when I run

No such thing as a fish 

Answer me this 

The news quiz

Blogs that aren’t on WordPress. (I haven’t worked out how to “follow” non-Wordpress blogs, so I’ll list them here).

The Adventures of Runnergirl– I found this blog because I’d been added to the “Blog Loves” section at the side, and someone clicked on it to read my blog. It’s a nice blog, and has a nice list of interesting blogs at the side that are worth looking at.


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