Two 20 milers done! Can I taper now?

Work has been hellish for all sorts of reasons over the past few weeks, so no blogging. But I’ve still been running. A bit. Not as much as I’d like to (I was ill this week for a start- high temperatures and full-on body aches and everything), but I’ve been running a bit.

Mostly, I’ve been making sure I still do my long runs, even if everything else goes out of the window.

And so I’ve done two 20 milers. They were slow, and they were tough at times, but I’ve covered the distance. Not sure what I do now…. 3 weeks to go… just panic a bit, I guess.

The 20 milers took about 4 hours, so I guess the full marathon is going to be at least 5 hours. Argh! That is a looooong time to be running. That’s going to be painful! And I’m still dreading the no-music thing.

But I’ll get round.




18 thoughts on “Two 20 milers done! Can I taper now?

    • Thank you! 🙂 They were slow…. but I’m hoping that doesn’t matter. They’ve given me the confidence that I can do it, if nothing else. So I’m feeling quite relaxed about it all right now. That may change… 😉


  1. I’ve started to notice myself tuning my music out on race days lately, more concentrating and interacting. I think you’ll do really well without the music, hopefully lots of activity on the course! 😀

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    • Yes- that makes sense. I found that I liked just talking to people when I did the Colchester Half. The Bungay Half was a smaller race, so often I was running alone, and that was a bit tough at times. But the Edinburgh Marathon is a huge event, so I’m assuming there’ll be people around me all the time 🙂 I’ll always have my ipod. I won’t always have hundreds of people to run with, so I guess I should mkae the best of it! 🙂

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  2. I’ve been debating over the no music thing as well! Especially after reading some people got disqualified in a recent race – albeit no where near as huge or as long as the Edinburgh Marathon. I think lots of people will still have their earphones but I’m really not sure x


    • Gosh! I’m such a rule-follower that I hadn’t considered wearing them! 😉 Do you think people will still wear them?? How are you feeling? Ready for next week? I’m currently in denial….


      • Yeah I think there will be quite a few still wearing them – probably those who only want to do one marathon. I’m feeling confident 👍🏻 Trainings done, I know it will be hard but I know I need to put my mind in the right place. I was once told your training is the true accomplishment, the actual event is simply a victory lap – I love that x


    • Thank you so much! Life just took over for a bit. Work has been rather full-on… so no time to check in here. Not even on Strava. Also, I had another tough patch where I completely lost my mojo. However, everyone keeps telling me that the hard work’s already been done, and not to worry too much about the last couple of (rather crappy) weeks! 🙂 I’m off up to Edinburgh today. Literally just packing my bags now. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I shall have to catch up with how things are going with you afterwards. Hope all is good. I’m feeling terrified, but I have nothing to prove. I just want to finish 🙂 Look after yourself, and thanks for your lovely message 🙂


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