Deja vu (holidays and compression tights…)

14 years ago, I ran my first (and only) marathon. Shortly before I ran it, I spent 2 weeks in France with my family. For various reasons, it was a rather tough time for me, emotionally (I was at a crossroads in many senses of the word) and physically (I was taking some awful antibiotics, which really wiped me out).

Next month, I’m going to run the Edinburgh marathon. Once again, I’m in France with my family.


My sanctuary and escape route.

I’m so incredibly lucky that there’s a house here that we can stay in. I’ve been coming here for 14 years now (since that first time before the London Marathon), and it’s been a place of sanctuary at times. An escape route, and a place to see my family. A place where I can switch off and walk and run….and eat delicious food and drink rather more wine than usual. I spend time doing things that I don’t get to do at other times: reading, doing jigsaws, and playing incredibly hard-fought, competitive games of Scrabble into the wee hours.

I’m here this time with my parents, sister and niece, as well as my own family. My sister mentioned to me before we came out that she was feeling a strange sense of deja vu… coming here just before I run a marathon….. Luckily I’m not on the dreadful antibiotics this time, and I feel generally more prepared than I did last time (if a little fatter, less fit and more time-constrained….). Also the Edinburgh marathon is later in the year than the London marathon, so I have a bit more time on my side.

The other day, I went to Decathlon and bought some compression socks. Actually, they’re compression leggings. I have pretty bad eczema on my feet, so I thought it best to let them breathe as much as possible. Jan wears compression socks when he runs, and he’s a real cynic about most things, so I decided that if they’re good enough for him….

More deja vu! This time of days spent in hospital at various times, and the revolting compression stockings you’re forced to wear to prevent you getting blood clots….

I’ve done one run wearing the leggings. You can definitely feel the difference. Whether they help or not, I don’t know. I’d be interested to hear from other people that have worn them. Do you wear them for recovery or training?

18 miles tomorrow, hopefully….





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