Just ran 17 miles! (by mistake….)

To be fair, it was only the final mile that was a “mistake”.

So I was supposed to run 16 miles, and my husband had given me his fave 16 mile route. I pretty soon realised I’d gone the wrong way (this is not unsual for me…), so I just did two loops that I liked. They were mostly off-road, there were lots of hills, but they were interesting.

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 16.05.16.png

I got to 16 miles and stopped my Garmin, but then decided to jog home. So my route map doesn’t show the final mile (my jog home). But it was a lovely route, down country paths and through the marshes, then finally round my favourite Broads.

The main thing is that it didn’t feel like a burden to jog home the “extra” mile.

And 20 miles seems achievable now. I’m not sure about 26 miles…. but 20 miles doesn’t seem like the unsurmountable mountain that it felt like a while ago. I kind of feel fine. Not completely drained of all energy, like I did after the 14 miles last week. Also reassuring that this is a similar point in my cycle to where the marathon will be (ie not a very good point!!!) … and it was okay.


I listened to Rev today (radio 4 comedy again! But also been on telly….) and also more Cabin Pressure. They certainly got me round! At times, I realised I was trotting along with a big grin on my face, despite my legs feeling a bit sore….

I feel like I’m getting there….


8 thoughts on “Just ran 17 miles! (by mistake….)

  1. Way to go!! Congrats on a great run and nice to see it all come together as the runs continue to build. Great job on that distance – that is a long long run, enjoy the rest of the weekend basking in your accomplishment!!

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    • Ha! Thank you πŸ™‚ I’ve mostly felt relief this evening. I won’t be fast, but I believe I can probably do it now if all goes well. Today helped mentally as well as physically πŸ™‚

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