Flying (a much better week)

Sometimes, things just float along nicely. Why can’t every week be like this?

I felt fine after the Half Marathon last week, and cycled as usual on Monday, pulling the trailer round. I felt tired, but happy to be out and doing stuff. I’ve cycled (as I always do) every day, and been glad of it. It’s felt good to work my legs.

I managed to get to swimming on Tuesday night (which I don’t usually do) and completed a nice tough intervals set. Wednesday, I ran up Carrow Hill 8 times. (This is a loooong steep hill. I’ve been runinng up it after school with colleagues every forthnight or so, and adding a rep each week. This week hurt, but we all felt so good afterwards.)

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 17.57.17

Spot the hill!

Thursday, it was my usual swim session, and although my arms felt tired at first after swimming on Tuesday, I soon got into it and managed to maintain a decent pace (for me!) in the reps.

Friday, I ran round the marshes with Vanessa. We took it easy, and just ran 3 miles or so.

What I’m noticing is that, as well as the swimming and cycling helping the running (they have to really! I’m only running 3 times a week, and trying to train for a marathon on that….) the running seems to be really helping the swimming. I feel so much.. sleeker?… in the water. I can maintain a decent pace for longer, and keep my stroke stronger over a greater distance. I guess it’s not rocket science: I’m just fitter in general. But I didn’t expect to notice it so much.

I have to run 14 miles tomorrow….. let’s hope this run of good stuff continues……

Got to remember there are good weeks the next time a rubbish week hits…


8 thoughts on “Flying (a much better week)

  1. Great that you had such a better week and that the training is really starting to complement everything. The swimming and cycling sounds like it is really helping and provides a nice mental change of pace as well. Good luck on the 14…cheers!

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