Back in the saddle

To cut a long story short: since my last post (when I felt like I was never ever going to be able to run again ever ever etc etc….), I’ve done a hill runs session, a slowish 3-mile jog, a 12-mile run, a quick 4-mile dash round Witlingham during a break at work, and a 6-mile run (including some faster stuff around the park).

So I’m back to it.

It was, I guess, one of these temporary blips that happen in life, in running, and most definitely along the way while training for a Marathon. Perhaps I was a bit under the weather, or perhaps it was hormones (ir was the “wrong” time of the month), or perhaps I was just a bit marathon-ed out and needed a week off. Who knows. But, whatever it was, it appears to have passed.


This picture comes from here. Hope it’s okay to link to it….

I was really nervous setting off for the 12-miler last Sunday. But I’d finally got the set of all Cabin Pressure episodes from series 1-3, and I thought maybe these might keep me going (it’s a Radio 4 comedy series, if you’re interested. It happens to feature Benedict Cumberbatch…but I didn’t actually know that when I used to listen to it. I just think it’s funny! )

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 20.21.11

I also set off on a route that took in some of my favourite spots: the marshes and both Witlingham Broads. You can see that I really struggled towards the end. One of those miles is particularly slow because I ran out of water, and had to pop into a pub to re-fill my Camelback. The other mile is really slow because it was uphill, and I was shattered!

But I did it!

I was really thirsty, though. I shall have to take more water next time. I literally sucked my Camelback dry. At one point I took it off, lifted it above my head and sucked out every last drop!

This weekend, I’m “dropping back” to a 9-miler, according to my plan. This is probably not a bad thing, as I have a Half Marathon the weekend after, and I woudn’t mind seeing what time I can do nowadays. So I’ll probably cut back, even though I’d already had an (un-planned) week “off” last week.

So… yes… life is a rollercoaster and all that…. onwards and upwards!



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