What a difference a day makes

A relaxed, happy run. My whole body seemed to sigh with relief as I headed out. Yes really. And all the other clichés about clouds and weights lifting off me rang true as well.

Running felt easy again. My arms worked with me, I tripped along, and I didn’t have to fight for it. I felt so glad to be out.

I dropped something off at Kate’s house at the start of my run, and told her how different it all felt to yesterday, when she’d patiently stayed with me as I (almost) sobbed along the road on our difficult diffucult “run”. Today,  I was beaming.

I didn’t plan a route. I didn’t think about how long I “needed” to stay out. I just jogged along, and went wherever the mood took me (within certain limits- it was late, so I had to stick to main roads). A couple of times, I felt like stopping, but I just persuaded myself to carry on. No pressure. “Just see what happens….”

I ran 8 miles in the end. The Garmin “cheered”, and told me this was my longest run yet. So that was a nice end to the run….

One thing to note: I listened to podcasts today as I ran. I think that these are good to listen to on longer runs. And if you listen to the right ones, they can be really uplifting. I was laughing at times as I ran along the road. Today I listened to No Such Thing as a Fish (from the QI writers).

Hindsight is a great thing, but I was obviously just tired or ill or… just… not able to run for whatever reason this week. This is all part of it, isn’t it?

What a difference a day makes!


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