Switching off (and race report)

I’m having trouble switching off. I have no immediate deadlines, but I have a very long “to-do” list; and thoughts and plans keep buzzing around my head.

I’ve tried doing some yoga, but I’m just not feeling it tonight. So I’m going to write for a bit, and see if that works.

First: the race.

It was a 10K. It was flat. It took me just over 58 minutes. Much of it was along the seafront, so I felt very much at home.

10K trace

Garmin trace of 10K

It was good to run with the Garmin. I knew exactly what pace I was doing. It became clear after a couple of kilometres that, if I could keep up the same pace, I’d finish in under an hour.

By the time I got to 5 or 6 km, I even calculated how much I could slow down by and still finish in under an hour. It became a bit of a mental maths exercise at one point! Still, it kept my mind occupied, and kept me going.

The pace felt okay. I started to feel a bit tired at 8 or 9km, and I pushed the final kilometre. But, other than that, it never actually hurt.

As you’ll see from the finishing photo

  1. The Garmin is being switched off as I cross the finishing line (much to Sarah’s amusement!)
  2. It took me about 15 seconds to cross the start line (my actual time was 58.02).

Great Yarmouth 10K finish

I might have finished dead on 58 minutes, but the land train along the seafront undertook me just as I needed to turn left into the final strait. I had to jog on the spot for a couple of seconds, until it had passed!

It was a lovely day out. My friend came over with me on the train. We got lost, we wandered around, we chatted, we ate chips, we missed the train, we cycled home. It made it all very enjoyable (and it means I have a finisher’s photo. Thanks, Sarah!).

And the run itself feels like a nice base to start from, as I start to think about the big M next year. It’s not a PB. I think my PB for a 10K is 50 minutes and something. But that was about 10 years ago, and pre-kids.

More importantly: I’m regularly running 3 or 4 times per week now, and sometimes I hit that 15 mile marker (total mileage for the week) that I wanted to be doing before I started any kind of training plan.

For now, I’ve drawn up my own one.

The start of a kind of plan....

The start of a kind of plan….

Well, I’ve started to, anyway. Mostly, I keep falling asleep and appear to be allergic to spreadhseets during school holidays…. Any ideas or suggestions? Never a Dull Bling and 50 in 50, I’m particularly looking at you! 🙂

At the moment, I’m wondering whether to do a 10 mile race in December, or whether to just concentrate on building up the running for now, and do a 10 miler at the end of January instead. I’m definitely doing the Hastings Half in March. This was my frist ever half marathon, and it’s home turf.

Any hints on sourcing/building training plans would be much appreciated! And any advice on whether to aim for a 10 miler already, or stick to shorter distances until after Christmas….

Other than that, I guess I’ll just keep plodding on….


14 thoughts on “Switching off (and race report)

  1. Awesome Niki! You did great in your race!! As for spreadsheets, I think yours look great, but that’s Jamesy’s forte… I know he’ll chime in here in a bit!! He’ll probably even work on one tonight for you, hehe!! 😀

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      • haha!!! You’re as bad as my husband! 😉 When I asked him the same question, he said “It’s only 10 miles….” hmmm….. I think I’ll probably go for it. But it’s a balance between something stressing you out (my tendency) and something motivating you (which I need!).

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      • The 10 milers are just tune-up races for your upcoming half! 🙂
        Also, as opposed to being stressed, they give you goals to work towards every few weeks! You can do it!!!! 😀


  2. My head won’t switch off either at the moment – I do have a lot of deadlines etc and I haven’t had a decent nights sleep in over a week because my stupid brain is too alert! Well done on a good 10k – it’s lovely when you can make a proper day out of it rather than feeling like death lol!

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    • Yes. It was so lovely that my friend came along. I’m so sorry you’re feeling stressed, too! I really envy these people who just fall asleep when their head hits the pillow. How do they do it?? (my husband is one of them! I really envy him….). Hope you find a way of switching off and sleeping 😦 i find listening to podcasts can help me drop off sometimes.


  3. Niki and Brits….it is super hard to fall asleep if you’ve done an evening run. Your muscles are still tense fro the run. Either try morning. Or if not possible, advil puts me to sleep fast b/c it relaxes the muscles

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    • Ah thanks. 🙂 But I’m afraid I’m such a terrible sleeper, it doesn’t matter when I run (I usally run in the morning at the moment). It’s more about my brain switching off than my muscles…. but I used to take things like advil and even melatonin at one point. But 8 years of pregnancy/ breastfeeding/ small kids has prevented me doing that any more… But I think, eventually, the yoga might do a similar thing? But that’s if I ever leave enough time to switch off and do it before I sleep. Which I don’t very often. Ah! Therein lies a key problem, methinks!! 😉

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  4. Congrats on the training and the race result! Looks like the Garmin is coming in very handy…just keep in mind if you ever run the Chicago marathon, it’s bloody useless…see my Chicago summary for the details 🙂 I agree with Paula and your husband..do both 10 milers and the half…the first 10 miler, take it easy, then you can use the second one to gauge your progress…will put you in great shape for that that half! Would be happy to send some spreadsheet templates that we use to build our plans…if you go to the contact form on my site, I’ll get an email that I can use to send them to you…Cheers!

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    • I think I missed that! I’ll have to read it. Sounds intriguing. Was it this year? My husband did it last year. I’ve actually now signed up to the Asics training plan thingy. I’m going to se how that goes, but might come back for some advice at a later date, if that’s okay? It’s mainly telling me to run further but more slowly. Which is probably a good thing! I’ll see how it goes…


      • yeah, if you mean Chicago – it was 2 weeks ago…you husband ran it last year, that’s awesome…it was a fabulous experience, except for the watch not working…new plan with Asics training app sounds great; there are some cool apps that will build your plan for you…look forward to hearing about how it all goes! Best!

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      • Ah. If it was 2 weeks ago then that’s why I missed it. I’ve only just re-surfaced and started to read the blogs I missed. Will read that later 🙂 And yes- he’s done a few over in the USA over the year. NY, Boston (the year of the bombing! Luckily he had already finished and gone back to the hotel by then…), and Chicago. I’ll look forward to reading about it. Although sorry about the watch :-S


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