Woohoo! I have a Garmin. Any tips?

So… despite starting this blog so I wouldn’t get obsessed with times and figures, and despite proudly (smugly?) saying that I don’t own a Garmin, and I’m just doing it for the love of it… I received an early birthday present today, and I’m SO EXCITED!

I need at least a whole weekend to sit down and geek my way round the instructions, so any tips would be appreciated.

I’ve been having a few technical hitches recently, so the timing is good! My iPod has started reading under distance (I thought I’d done a 10K run last week, and it was only 9 and a half according to gmap. Not a BIG thing, but annoying….), and it’s suddenly started conking out partway through a run. I’m going to have to get it sorted, as Ilike to have music when I run… but it’ll be great to be able to be a total nerd about distances/ times again….

Had a lovely run this morning (pre-Garmin) with Kate. Did a couple of miles before meeting her, ran with her for 3 miles, then ran home. Only ended up doing just over 6 miles, but that’s okay. I left the house late, as I was delayed for various reasons, and these things happen.

Okay.. off to bury my head in the manual/ website. Preparing to reach new heights of total geeky obsessiveness….


13 thoughts on “Woohoo! I have a Garmin. Any tips?

  1. Very exciting. What model is it? Does it take long to find the GPS signal? I have forever been frustrated with this type of device (and iPod) reading under-distance. I once had a Garmin that actually started taking distance off my run!


    • Its a forerunner. I think it said 220? Not the latest. Hence reduced quite a lot. Going to try running with it tomorrow to check calibration. Don’t know about gps yet. Will investigate later when I’ve worked out how to use it 😉 just monitoring heart rate as in garden with the kids : )

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  2. What model? I love mine. I never run without it, but I will often take the “pace” field off the screen. I like to keep track of my runs but I don’t always need to know the pace and like to just do what feels good!


  3. Yay! Welcome to the world of geekiness!! Now you can focus on the mile you’re in (I don’t know if that’s good, but it sounds good, hehe)! I think you’ll be pleased! It took me awhile to get used to the buttons and readings, but I have faith you’ll figure it out!!

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  4. Awesome, welcome to the world of tech geek gps driven distance/pace/and a ton of other measurements that previously didn’t exist, obsession. I mean congratulations on your garmin 🙂 I love my gps devices, and they are all Garmin. They take a bit of time to get used to, but once you get cracking with it, you’ll never look back! You’ll want to get setup on Garmin Connect…we also love using Strava, so if you setup on Strava, look for me and Paula and send us a follow thingy.

    A fabulous resource for all running (and triathlon) tech dorkdom (not just watches) is a site by a fellow named DC Rainmaker…I have a link to his site on my links page, or you can just google him. Search for your model number in his site…he will have a review that you will tell you more then you will ever need to know, along with about a thousand pictures and comparisons. The FR220 looks like a great watch, btw!

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    • Oh my gosh!! That is all brilliant. Thank you so much. I will take a look at all that when I get a chance. One of the friens I run with uses Strava. I’m not sure what it is yet. Will have to look!


  5. You’ll love it 😊 They can sometimes take a while to find the gps – leave it on a window sill while you get ready! Then you can get obsessed with pace & splits. Oh and the Garmin connect website can be a bit glitchy but when it all works well it’s brilliant. Enjoy!


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