Bike recce for triathlon (aka digging it out from the back of the garage….)

I cycle a lot; I cycle daily; I cycle to most places I go, unless they’re close enough to walk easily, or too far away to go by bike. But I cycle on a good, solid, German hybrid (with dynamo lights and a rack and stand), not a road bike.

I’m doing a triathlon on Sunday, and I’m really not sure why any more. I entered it on a whim, to try and get myself to start running again, before J entered me for the Edinburgh Marathon, and scared me into running anyway. I also entered it before I knew that I’d be away on holiday in the lead up to it. But I’m determined to do it anyway, and just enjoy the experience.

But, because I’ve been on holiday for 2 weeks, I therefore won’t have swum for a month when I do the triathlon. I also didn’t cycle at all for the whole time I was away. Oh God!! Now I’ve just typed that, I’m beginning to feel scared.

So I’m trying to convince myself that the swim is only 400m, and what’s the worst that can happen? Well, the worst that can happen (and probably will happen) is that my pride will take a dent. I’m not going to be fast! But I’ll be able to do it. We do 400m as a warm up when I swim.

And the bike… somebody told me years ago that cycling is a sport that takes years to build up. You can’t just take it up one summer and be at your best a few months later, however much you cycle during that time. Conversely, I’m hoping that I do just have something “in my legs” that will get me round. Even if (again) it’s not fast, and it makes the run more painful.

I finally dug my road bike out of the garage on Saturday. The last time I rode it was 3 years ago (when I rode it a few times), and I haven’t ridden it regularly for about…. 15 years.

I was much much younger when I last rode my bike properly!

I was much much younger when I last rode my bike properly!

I went out on it on Saturday afternoon. Just a few loops for half an hour or so. I can still ride it, which is reassuring. I then got my trainers on and ran to the end of the road an back.

I now have various things I need to sort out about the “logistics” of the triathlon itself (clothing, water on the bike, tyres, shoes, laces etc.)

Today, I was supposed to be going out on my bike again, and doing a bit of running. But my son was ill in the night, and I didn’t get much sleep. Also I feel a bit dodgy. So now add a “week off” (so far) to my total lack of preparedness….

(fittingly, as I went to add a category to this post, I noticed it’s now week 13…..)

As I said… what’s the worst that can happen??….


7 thoughts on “Bike recce for triathlon (aka digging it out from the back of the garage….)

  1. never done a tri….sounds awesome! Good luck! There is one here that has a half for the run part. Then the swim part is down a river. Everyone says that it’s a fast swim due to the current helping!


    • wow! that sounds fab!! This one is nothing like that. Just a very low-key one. And very short. Dunno why I’m making such a fuss about it really 😉 I LOVE swimming in lakes/ rivers. You should try the tri! 🙂

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