Quickest 5K in a long time… (on an early morning run!)

I don’t own a Garmin. I can’t justify that kind of expense.

And, beyond that, I made the decision when I re-started running that I don’t want to get bogged down by the numbers. I just want to run and enjoy it.

I realise, of course, that I might just be telling myself all this to try and console myself for not having one. But I do think there’s something nice about the “element of surprise” when you do a properly timed race, and you get splits and pace for the first time.

I do, however, have an iPod that tells me how far I’ve run, and how longs it has taken me. So, from that, I can work out my overall pace. And if, like today, I pause a couple of times, I can work out my “splits”.

So today, I ran 5 miles altogether, and I did this in 44 minutes!

The first 3K took me 18 minutes, and the first 5K took 26 minutes 40.

I’m amazed at this! I’d been trying to get down to 26 minutes again in a parkrun. This was just on a morning run. I’ve run a 5k at this pace before. I’ve run faster 5Ks before. But not since I started running this time.

This is how I felt this morning.

This is how I felt this morning.

The run didn’t start well either. I got up at 5.45am, so I could run with my friend, but then she had to bale out. So I’d got up really really early, but had to run alone! I wasn’t intending to run “fast”. I thought maybe I’d see how long it took me to run into town, so I could recce my route to school (I’ll need to run there when I’m training for the marathon properly). But I just felt good, and went with it.

Must be all those hills in Cornwall. I’m going to have to find some hills to run up around here. I’m only in the flattest county in England. It’ll be fine….

23 thoughts on “Quickest 5K in a long time… (on an early morning run!)

  1. Good job! I ran my five miles in 43 minutes yesterday as well! I am super sore today but I am happy because I got a long weekend ahead. Haven’t been blogging all that much lately because this week has been really tough but I am glad I have time now! 🙂 PS: Loved your comments. I am truly getting personal here… but I think that I don’t mind. I am human after all… Happy weekend!!! PS2: excuse the clumsy typos, my brain is deep fried.

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    • Yay! That’s great! We’re on a roll! 😉 And yes- whatever helps you to work through things (blogging, running…) is a good thing. Have a really good break this weekend. Enjoy the time out… and “run… because you feel like it… when you feel like it…!” 🙂

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    • haha! I know… I can’t understand or believe it. I really never was a morning runner. But I seem to have switched at the moment, possibly because it’s the time I get out most of the time… (could be a one-off, though 😉 )

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