Lanhydrock parkrun (mud, hills, beauty, and lots of smiles)

“So…. anyone who’s doing this parkrun for the first time, come and stand over here”

…all but a handful of the runners followed the Race Director across the grass, coming out from under the tree, where they’d been sheltering from the rain.

“The regulars have more sense. They’re all at home!”

It was a bit wet!

It was a bit wet!

It was grey and wet this morning. I’d driven through several “pea-soupers” to get to Lanhydrock. But it was worth it. This was a beautiful course, with friendly people, and I spent much of my time there smiling (except when I was going up the final hill!).

Memorable quotes (ish) from the RD’s briefing:

“This isn’t the course to get a PB. The average time for this course is 29 minutes”

“It’s basically a trail run. Wach out for mud, roots etc. We cleared the paths as well as we could this morning, and moved a fallen tree”

“Monsoon season is in July and August. Come back in September. It’s beautiful then!”

“There is a flat bit. It’s beautiful. Along the river.”

“It’s one lap…..something something….downhill….. climb…. something something…..up…. down…. then it heads up…… then a false flat (you won’t even notice it’s uphill after all that…. up… then a downhill to the end. Take care as you run down there. You won’t get a PB by sprinting that bit.”

Lanhydrock house in the background

Lanhydrock house in the background.

This parkrun was a bit of a contrast to my local one, which is 3 and a half laps of the local park (flat, and on tarmac). Several people commented on my shoes at the start of the run. Firstly, they weren’t trail shoes, and secondly, they were very obviously brand new.

“They won’t look like that for long!”

I broke in my new trainers. They didn't look very new at the end.

I broke in my new trainers. They didn’t look very new at the end.

This parkrun has fewer people running it than my local one; I came in the top 100 today! This would never happen at home.

But there is a certain atmosphere at all the parkruns I’ve done. A friendliness, a light-heartedness… almost a camaraderie. And that was still there. I chatted to lots of people, before and after the run. Some were regulars, but many were visiting the south-west, like me. There were some very obviously fast people, but there were also people that you knew would be proud just to get round.

Kudos to the pregnant runner, who appeared to be well into her third trimester. I wish I’d been able to carry on running through my pregnancies. I always swam, and I pulled a bike trailer around right up to the final weeks, but I didn’t manage to run. With my third pregnancy, I was determined to carry on running, but had to give up at the start of the second trimester, after severe morning sickness forced me to stop. (Rachel, who I used to run with at the time, still refers to “that day when you puked into a hedge”. It was the last time we ran together).

The final run home. I had to take this after it had finished.

The final run home. I had to take this after it had finished.

I picked my way down muddy, slippery woodland paths. I struggled up some sharp hills. I did walk twice (on two of the hills). But I ran as well.

And I smiled.

At 33+ minutes, it was my slowest parkrun ever (apart from the one where I walked round with my son for part of it, pushing my daughter round in a pushchair for all of it…).

But I thoroughly enjoyed it. And I’m proud of it.

My age-related resuls for park-runs. The dip is the pushchair run.

My age-graded results for park-runs. The dip is the pushchair run. The long gap is my most recent pregnancy/ young baby period. Today was actually not my worst ever result in terms of age grading, as I’m getting older, as well as running slowly!


8 thoughts on “Lanhydrock parkrun (mud, hills, beauty, and lots of smiles)

    • It was very funny 🙂 All of it was a bit like that- just a really nice atmosphere. And yes- a lovely course. Shame I couldn’t get any better photos of it…


    • Ah thanks! That’s a lovely thing to say. And I’ve just read the post, and like your thinking behind it. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, as I was nominated a while back but just haven’t got round to doing it. Will do it tonight 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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  2. I nearly made it to Lanhydrock parkrun on Saturday after a week’s holiday at Carbis Bay. Unfortunately, no amount of persuasion, begging or bribery could convince my family to get up early on Saturday and drive from St. Ives. Ah well – next year. Looking forward to the mud and being a tourist from Brighton 🙂


    • btw… lovely to have a comment from Sussex (I grew up on the East Side 😉 and my first ever Half Marathon was the Hastings one. Thinking of doing that or the Brighton Half next year. Got to look up timings 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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