Where were we?

No running today, but I did do the half hour Yin yoga session for hips/hamstrings that I’d tried for the first time the other night.

This time, I found it much easier to relax into it and switch off. I really enjoyed it. I realised part way through that I was quite hot and red-faced, so I guess my body must’ve been working quite hard on some level? Yet, I felt really relaxed.

ever wondered why it's called child's pose?

ever wondered why it’s called child’s pose?

I’m planning to do the Lanhydrock Parkrun tomorrow, so I really should be asleep now! It’s going to be weird doing it in an unknown place, but I’m looking forward to it. It’ll be a bit different to usual, when I can run to the park in about 10 minutes. It’s 40 minutes drive away! I’ve set the alarm early enough to allow me to eat breakfast, which I wouldn’t normally do.

The other unusual thing, for me, about tomorrow’s parkrunis that it’s only one lap, whereas our local one is 3 and a half laps (for the same 5K distance). I have set up a playlist that’s 29 minutes long. I really hope I don’t run out of music…

J is still away, and we’ve been missing him, so I sent him photos today from our day out, and challenged him to guess where we were. It’s one of my favourite spots in the world. A large house with amazing gardens full of exotic plants and nooks and crannies, statues, fountains, seats, follys, out-houses, seats, wide open spaces, woods, camelias, duck ponds, deer….

These are a few of the photos I took. They don’t capture the wonder of the grounds themselves, as they’re only from one small corner at the beach. But if you know the area, you’ll recognise the city over the water.

Where were we?

(clue: we were in Cornwall, but you can see Devon over the water)

beach bay paddling

As we were walking up the hill at the end, we discovered bushes full of blackberries. I picked a big bagfull, and T ate as many as he could pick, although he shared them with M. I just cannot walk away from a blackberry bush without clearing it as best I can. I don’t understand why more people don’t pick them. The season is so short, and they are so plantiful during this period. How can you walk away from this bounty?

blackberry bush today (these berries didn’t last long…)


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