New shoooooooes!

I’ve been mmmm-ing and aaaah-ing about whether to get some for weeks now. But my current running shoes are literally years old, and my feet have actually got bigger since I last wore them (that’s pregnancy for you). And they were beginning to hurt a bit.

But shoes are so expensive.

However, I found some the other day that are apparently especially good for people with narrow heels (that’s me- narrow heels, wide feet- like a duck! Possibly why I enjoy swimming….). And they were reduced in the sale to under Β£30 (in my size).

So I’ve gone for it.

Looking forward to trying them out. I’ve just worn them round the house so far, and they feel lovely. Kind of push my legs forward and make them want to go.

(This is possibly entirely in my head, and not real).

They’ll take at least a minute off every mile I run from now on, right?


11 thoughts on “New shoooooooes!

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    • Addidas. Don’t know the “model”. I just went for one that was the right size/ price. I’m not doing enough running to justify thinking about it more than that at the moment. My husband runs in those “barefoot” shoes, so I did consider getting some that were a bit less cushioned, but in the end just got some that will get me round for a while….

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