Just a quick list….

T running around on the beach

T running around on the beach

No running today. Except with the kids. But just wanted to do my “list” for the week.

Still only running 3 times a week, and no swim training today, as I’m away. Also no cycling, except on Monday morning before I ran, but no commuting/ getting around on the bike…. and I have this triathlon coming up. ARGH! No idea what my weight is today, but it was continuing to decrease earlier in the week, so hopefully that won’t be off-set too much by the Cornish ice cream (ARGH! again!).

week 10: total miles run = 12 Ā  Ā  weight = -5.5kgĀ  other stuff: a bit more yoga than usual, cycling on Monday before running, but not much else…. Calves a bit tight tonight. Possibly because of the hills from yesterday, which I’m not really used to. Hamstring was actually a lot better after the run yesterday and a slightly-longer-than-usual yoga set.


2 thoughts on “Just a quick list….

    • argh! Thanks. I actually emailed the organisers last night to see if I could give my place to someone else (there’s a waiting list). I don’t want to drop out, but I also don’t want to spend the whole time I’m here worrying that I’m not swimming or cycling…. but… I think I just have to look at it as a nice morning of cross training, not a race. It’s only 400m!! (the swim) and then a cycle in the countryside. And then a run. Which is what I’ve been doing here, anyway. It’s only a sprint one. Not an ironman šŸ˜‰ If I were talking to someone else, I’d be telling them it’s all about the taking part and enjoying it, not anything else. Difficult to follow your own advice though, sometimes, isn’t it? šŸ˜‰ thanks, though! I needed someone to say that. Off to the beach now to paddle in the sea. That counts as swim training, right? šŸ™‚


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