Hard-fought miles in Cornwall

What will I do when I return home, and I can no longer run next to the sea? I’ve been spoilt recently!

This morning, my run took in clear blue sea, black rocky outcrops, green covered cliffs and coastal paths, sheep, cows, fields, vertical hills, country paths, beaches, rock pools….

rocky sea

I started out a bit later than usual this morning; it was nearly 8am by the time I headed out the door. Anna showed me a new path along the edge of a nearby field, and I set off. She was going to meet me a bit further into the run.

The path was downhill and uneven. I had to really concentrate on where I was putting my feet, and my shoes were full of water by the time I got to the end of it, because the grass was so wet.

F bounding up one of the paths

I then joined the road. A typical Cornwall country road: long, narrow, winding…. and climbing upwards. I gritted my teeth and ran to the top, only stopping a couple of times fo walk briefly.

I really miss hills. Norfolk is so flat. I miss the beauty of a hilly landscape, and I miss how fit you become when you’re walking/ running up and down them wherever you go.

Anna met me at the top, and we picked our way down another vertical hill to the beach. As we ran along, Anna had to stop a few times, and I carried on and ran back to “pick her up”.

We ran along the bottom, then climbed up and ran along the top...

We ran along the bottom, then climbed up and ran along the top…

Anna remarked that it was a great photo opportunity: “the skinny sister running behind the….” then she paused, unsure how to phrase it… “the… bigger one!” she said, finally.

She’ll kill me for including this! She’s the most weight-blind person I know, as well as the most caring, maternal “big sister” you could hope for. I tend to notice every ounce (almost) that people lose or put on, because I’ve always been self conscious about my weight, whereas Anna has always been slim, and doesn’t notice how big/small/fat/thin people are. I don’t think she’d ever think about it at all if she hadn’t grown up with me and my weight worries. Her slenderness is partly genetics (possibly), partly because she’s naturally active (definitely), partly because she eats sensibly (undoubtedly), and she’s always just been that way. She’s my older sister, who I compared myself to all the time when we were growing up, and she has always been thinner than me (like… 2 or 3 dress sizes).

my sis

So, I know that she actually meant this as a compliment! She was pointing out that, however much I worry about being fat or thin, I’m fit and active, and I can actually run further than her at the moment (this isn’t always the case).

We continued up the hill to the coastal path on top of the cliff. Again, Anna needed to stop, so I ran on, continuing along and up an incline. I knew if I stopped, I’d find it difficult to re-start, so I said to her that I’d run back to meet her once I’d got to the top.

more rocks, more sea, more coastal path

When I met her again, we went off towards home, but I was still feeling good, so I said I’d double back and go further along the coastal path, and see her later.

It was cows that terminated my run in the end. As I’ve said before, I won’t run through cow fields. So when I had no option but to do so if I wanted to continue, I turned back.

I’d run about 5 miles in total, but it was definitely “undulating”.

today’s run (including the back and forths)

It was tough. But it was enjoyably tough.


9 thoughts on “Hard-fought miles in Cornwall

  1. WOW! What beautiful scenery. I’ve never been to UK, but want to…. And run a race while there! When I get closer to going, I’ll let you know so you can tell me what race to run!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fabulous! Definitely. I’ve raced in quite a few places around the UK, so will do that when you know when/ where you’re coming 🙂 Do try and get down here. It’s beautiful!

      Liked by 1 person

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  3. What a gorgeous run with your sister!!! I’ve never been there and can’t imagine how stunning it must be to be able to see that during a run. That picture of you and your sis is so cute!! So great that you guys got to enjoy a run together.

    Liked by 1 person

    • haha! The world is so amazingly diverse, isn’t it? It’s nothing like the beautiful lakes/ mountains you were in. But it is completely gorgeous, too. And yes- so lovely to be here with Anna. We used to surf together most weekends. We can’t do that now, as I’ve moved to the other side of the country. And now we have kids to look after. But she’s always been such a brilliant person to have around. And it’s nice we can run together.


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