I was on holiday in Spain with a group of friends when I earned the nickname “clipboard Niki”.

We were staying in a flat together in San Sebastien, and my friends were looking forward to days on the beach, nights out (wine, “pintxos”)….. and long lie-ins every morning. But every day, I’d wake up before everyone else feeling really excited, and I’d want to just get going. By the time the others woke up, I’d be chomping at the bit, and trying to get them to make plans for the day.

I was told to stop planning everything, to just chill out a bit, and to put away my (metaphorical) clipboard. In the end, I just went out and about every morning while the others were still asleep, and made the most of my time there as I wanted to, but I hadn’t particularly noticed before that holiday just how much of a planner I am. I do enjoy planning. I enjoy the whole process of working out what I’m going to do, and how.

This is probably just as well, because I’m also a teacher, so I have to do a fair bit of planning as part of my job. And I enjoy that process of thinking through how I’ll help my students “get from A to B”.

I also enjoy planning my training and my running. In fact, as I’ve written about before, it’s one of the reaons I started this blog: to try and get away from the planning, monitoring, listing and analysis. I wanted to just note how it was going, and think about the running itself, not the numbers.

This week, I’m staying with my sister in Cornwall. It’s a beautiful area, and she lives very close to the beach (we were there today exploring a “labyrninth” the local church had dug in the sand).

labyrinth on the beach

labyrinth on the beach

When I lived around here, and ran with a running club in Cornwall, I was the fittest I’ve ever been. There are so many hills! And they’re very steep. But it is such a gorgeous area to run in, it’s worth the climbs.

along the path

along the path

I’m going to run with my sister tomorrow morning. Well… she’s going to join me for the end of my run, as she doesn’t think she’ll manage the whole thing. We’re going to head along the coastal path together. We’ve planned a route. I’m really looking forward to the run itself, but I also enjoyed planning the route with her tonight.

tomorrow's run

tomorrow’s run

The other day, I was thinking about a run I did with my husband when he first moved to the UK. He lived down the road from our current house, and we ran out to a nearby village, round the broad there, and home again. In my memory, this was a long long way, so I assumed I wouldn’t be able to do anything like that again for a while. But I talked it through with him the other day, and I actually think it will be do-able one weekend with the friends I run with on a Saturday.

hopefully soon

hopefully soon

I shall have to plan it for a weekend when we’re all here, and have time to explore a bit. I’ll plan it with them on a run soon.

Running this week has been a bit up and down. I ran on Thursday morning, and it was a bit of a slog. But I got round, and did about 4.5 miles. So, if I do a decent run tomorrow, I should be heading for a total of 13 miles or so this week. Once I’ve got this triathlon out of the way in September, I want to get a good few weeks of 15 miles total under my belt, then I’ll start to increase the frequency a bit.

Running more often will take some planning, mostly due to the juggling that I’ve written about before (kids, work) . But I have some ideas. I think I’ll be able to run to work. Or from work to nursery/ school/ home. Or I’ll just have to get up really really bloody early…. I’ll enjoy the process of working it all out when it comes to it. But for now, I’d better get to sleep, or tomorrow won’t happen….


14 thoughts on “Planning

  1. I’m a planner, too, & a morning person,so I’m often out exploring while my husband is sleeping.

    I think labyrinths are really cool & I actually would love to put one in our backyard that I could walk around while I’m out there with the dogs. I don’t think my husband would go for it, but he’s always looking for ways to have less lawn to cut.

    Funny thing is, though, when I go out in my neighborhood, I might have a route in mind but I just go where I feel like going.

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    • This was such a lovely idea. They’d collected the litter off the beach, and had it at the entrance. The kids all took a piece to the middle and left it there, then came out again. It was supposed to represent taking all the bad things in your life and leaving them behind…. Not sure if the kids quite “got” that bit πŸ˜‰ but they enjoyed running in and out with paper cups… πŸ™‚ (and yes- I also changed my route this morning for various reasons. Think it’s important to go with how you feel, too…)

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  5. I am a planner and an earlybird too.. I am always awake at mad o clock even when I am up all hours the night before and to be honest it drives me nuts. I like to know what I am going to be doing and that becomes a problem sometimes… specially with my friends who just love going with the flow. Oh well!

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    • Yep… I think in the end, you just have to compromise… or do your own thing if you need to. But always be ready to change plans if necessary… oherwise you might miss something amaaazing! πŸ˜‰


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