Joy and juggling

It’s been a good week. I’ve been talking about the joy of running a lot.

Looking for a picture to go with this post, I found the photo below. This is really special to me, because it shows the seafront, where I did much of my (first) half marathon training years and years ago. And it shows the pier, which has now burned down.

But, more importantly, it shows me with a massive beaming smile on my face. Because once I’m running properly, and when things are going well, I really enjoy it.

It’s so nice to be back here again. I said when I started running again this time that I just wanted to get to the point where I enjoy it, and it’s not a chore any more. I seem to be there already.

Before the pier burnt down.

Before the pier burnt down.

I went for a lovely run yesterday morning with Kate. 20 minutes on my own before and after (at a fairly brisk pace), but during the middle bit we walked sometimes, and chatted a lot, and basically just enjoyed being out. Time on my feet was about 75 minutes.

I also did my timed swim tonight. I was a bit disappointed with the time (6.56 for 400m), but it gives me an idea of where I am. I’m just gutted that I’m so much slower than I (think I) used to be.

I actually just looked up my previous triathlon times, and there was one race where I did 8.09 for a 500m swim. So that’s about 8sec faster per 100m. But… you know… there are other swim times that are similar to tonight’s one (13.07 for an OW 750m swim, 34min for a 1500m sea swim!). So I might be (partly) kidding myself.

(Also, J has just pointed out that I was 15 years younger then! So I’m probably just slower now anyway. Plus “it’s only 8 seconds difference [per 100m] anyway”).

But therein lies the rub: I was younger, free-er, singler, fitter, and doing a lot more training when I did those times!

Nowdays, it’s all a juggling act.

It’s a juggling act just to get out the door. J has to be here to look after the kids, so I run first thing in the morning (before everyone’s awake), or in the evening when J gets home from work. On a Thursday, J has to leave work early so I can run with the club, and he always trains at lunchtimes, or runs to places we’re going to anyway, so that his training doesn’t impact on family life too much.

But I can’t just train whenever I feel like it, and I can’t always train when I want to. I definitely can’t train as much as I’d like to; planning my training is as much about working out how to fit it in around our life and our family as it is about the training itself.

I’m doing this triathlon in a few weeks. It’s only a short one, and I’m not too worried about it. I’m doing it for “fun”, and to lay down a bit of a benchmark, and to see if I can actually complete it. But the juggling really intensifies now. As well as finding a time to fit everything in, I have to think about what it is I’m going to fit in. I STILL haven’t been out on my bike….

However, I am not complaining! The juggling is there because I have a gorgeous family, a full life, a job I love, and the chance to run and do things that I enjoy.

All of this reminds me of a comment made by a friend of mine a few years ago. It was before I had kids, and it was in the days when I’d sometimes think I was “too tired” to swim, and I’d just stay at home instead. I remarked to her that she never seemed to miss a session.

She said that that, once you have kids, you NEVER miss a session, as it’s your chance to get away!

I think about this a lot. It’s not like I particularly want to “escape” my kids (and I don’t think she meant it like that, either). But I definitely appreicate the chance to cut loose and switch off, and to get away from being mum for a while.

Anyway… list.

week 9: total miles run = 13? (conservative estimate)     weight = -4.5kg  other stuff: not too much cycling, one yoga stretching session, one swim session (timed 400m plus lots of kick/ technique)


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    • I’m noticing that each stage passes super quickly! I can really see that in a few years, I’ll wonder where the time went. I see that already with pupils I taught that are now “grown up”, and it seems like yesterday I was teaching them….

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