A run down memory lane

I have so many photos of the area where I ran today. From my wedding (below), from holidays with the kids, from family walks. From my life.

Post-wedding hash.

Post-wedding hash.

I’m staying with my parents this week. They no longer live in the house I grew up in, but they do still live in the area where I grew up. It’s where I used to walk the dog, and where I first started running (as a self-conscious 20-something). And it’s where I now take my kids, so they can see granny and grandpa; and run around the hills.



I love to watch them tearing around, scrambling over rocks, and climbing trees. They get so excited as they explore all the paths and caves, and find new routes to the places they remember.


Cattle round the corner.

Today started badly. I was supposed to be running early this morning before the kids woke up, so that mum and dad wouldn’t have to look after all 3 of them while I ran. But it didn’t happen because they woke up too early! I told myself not to worry, and that I’d just run later. But by the time we’d headed out for the day, and spent the afternoon exploring castles, I felt rather tired and unmotivated. I just didn’t feel like running.

Path to the sea.

Path to the sea.

Luckily, after a bit of faffing and feeling guilty, I managed to convince myself to get out the door and at least try to run, even if I only got to the end of the road and turned back again.

I told my mum I’d be 20 minutes….. I came back nearly an hour later!

I really am on a roll right now. Once I got going, it felt so good to be out there on home turf, breathing in the sea air, tripping over uneven ground, struggling up sharp hills, relaxing on the downhills, taking in the views and drinking it all in. I didn’t know where I was going to go, I had no plan. I just explored the paths that I know so well, and enjoyed the memories that they triggered.

Home turf.

Home turf.

I returned home tired, happy, and relaxed…. and so bloody glad I forced myself out the front door. I realise it won’t always be like that. I know that at times, I will force myself out the door and still hate every minute of it. But I am enjoying the high points right now.


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