Lots to write about swim/triathlon tonight, but thought I’d get the list done first.

It’s been a “bad week” training-wise. I’ve only managed to run twice, as I was hit by a cold and a sore throat. The sore throat is actually still lingering, but I’m no longer feeling zonked, achey and dead-limbed.

I also cricked my neck on Saturday morning when I woke up.

I yawned. That’s all I did! I yawned. How old am I? Old, obviously….

So, tonight’s swim session, I could only breathe to the left, as I still can’t turn my head to the right. I know that, in theory, we should be able to breathe happily on both sides, but the left side is definitely my “least favourite” side to breathe.

Anyway, in true obsessive style, I also stood on the special scales this week (at the Sportspark, after taking F swimming on Wednesday). They actually gave me a weight of -5kg! With a BMI of 29, fat of 31%. Yes yes I know it’s all ridiculously inaccurate and all that…. but I like numbers. It gives me a number to compare to in 6 months time. Along with my getting-there cholesterol and good-if-there’s-no-white-coats-around blood pressure. But I’ll stick to the same (home) scales for my list, because these things are all about consistency and progress…

week 8: total miles run = 8     weight = -4.0kg  other stuff: a bit of cycling, yoga, and 2 swim sessions (sprint set and technique set)


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