Another step forward….

A beautiful run this morning.

Ran for 15 minutes on my own; put on some music, and upped my pace. Did some drills and strides, and just felt happy to be out. Met Kate, ran for half an hour with her. Took it fairly easy, as she’s been ill for a bit. Walked when we needed to. Still felt good when I said goodbye, so ran for another couple of miles alone. Again with music, again upping the pace to fit in with the songs. Found a few more songs to add to my playlist (This Love, We’ve Only Just Begun (yes- really! The Carpenters). Also Red Hot Chilli Peppers -Around the World for a really nice, fast pace.

Did some yoga when I got back; drank a smoothie (added lettuce to it today- won’t be doing that again! Who knew lettuce has such a strong, pervasive taste?!). The day has started well, and it feels good to be back.

Visiting mum and dad next week, so lots of runs in the country park and along the coast. Can’t wait!


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