Two steps forward….

So it was all going really well.

I’ve found people to run with. I’m enjoying running. I’m feeling fitter, healthier, happier, faster even… sometimes… I met this fitness instructor on Wednesday, who gave me some really good ideas for my run training, and also reassured me about the bike (it’ll be fine!) and talked a bit about snacking and smoothies… I was feeling really positive.

Then I woke up with a stinking cold: feeling tired, achey, sore throat; just… ill.

A day of looking after the 3 kids, and I was zonked. There was no way I could run on Thursday night. I was gutted to miss it and destroy my rhythm and my momentum. I’d been looking forward to another week of getting the miles in.

But you just have to accept it, sometimes.

When I used to do triathlon in Leeds, Jack’s motto was “if it’s below the neck, you don’t train. Otherwise you do”. Well, I only had a sore throat, but I also have 3 kids. And they’re also important. I could’ve run, probably, but then I’d have taken longer to get better. And that wouldn’t have ben fair on them. So I didn’t run; I went to bed.

But tomorrow, I’m setting my alarm to run with Kate. I have to ignore the setback and just carry on.

Back to onwards and upwards…. This is what running is about. This is how it goes: two steps forward, one step back. But always looking ahead (with a runny nose…).


2 thoughts on “Two steps forward….

    • Ah now.. that’s a nice way to look at it ๐Ÿ™‚ Unfortunately, I tend to get hit by colds a lot, as I’m a teacher, my kids are at school/ nursery, and my husband works at a university. We get all the germs from everywhere! But you’re right- I just have to keep going, and remember that I was enjoying it. I’m really looking forward to at least getting out of the door tomorrow. I jsut hope my legs feel a bit less dead. Guess I’d better get some sleep, then… Thanks for replying ๐Ÿ™‚


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