Saw the doctor yesterday about something completely unrelated to all this running/ cholesterol/ blood pressure stuff. But, inevitably, we also talked about cholesterol and blood pressure… and my weight!

The doctor suggested I go to Slimmer’s World (or similar). I nodded politely, but there is NO WAY I’m going to do that!

But then I wondered why I have such an aversion to the idea of it. Is it because I’m in denial? Is it because doing this would mean having to monitor, change, reduce what I’m eating, and I actually don’t want to do that?

I talked about it to J. The weight’s continuing to come off at the moment. I’m down to -4.5kg now. And, I know what I have to do; it’s just a question of doing it. Mostly, it’s keeping track of the forgotten calories: the snacking, especially when I’m at work. J suggested writing a list of everything I eat on here! That would certainly work, just from a pure humiliation-avoidance point of view! But I really can’t be bothered to start doing that.

A nice swim last night. A sprint set. Fast 25s and 100s. Interestingly (but unsurprisingly for me) my second 100 was 7 seconds fast than my first one, because I didn’t realise the coach was timing us until after the first one! I obviously upped the pace substantially once I knew I was being monitored… Shows how much of it is psychological!


2 thoughts on “Denial

  1. I used myfitnessapp to help me with food. It was annoying to log all the food i ate BUT I learned so much about how much I can eat to stay within a weightloss range. After two weeks i stopped using it but i know what i am eating now and how much i can eat. You might consider it.


    • Ah thanks! Yes. I’ve used that in the past, actually. I might have to do it again for a couple of weeks. I found the same thing- it took me a couple of weeks to kind of monitor what I was eating and work out what I could/ couldn’t get away with. I think, as much as anything, it’s being aware of what I’m doing (and what I’m putting in your mouth!). So often, especially when I’m teaching a really busy day, I eat (and snack!) without really thinking. Good idea! 🙂 (and thanks for your comment)


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