Had to run alone this morning. Luckily, I’d made an iPod playlist with lots of happy songs that I hadn’t heard for a while. Unfortunately… I couldn’t change the order or skip songs once I started running, because I was measuring time/distance etc. using the little Nike app. (also on my iPod).

This meant I ran the first bit of my route to various songs that the boys had downloaded: Everything is Awesome, Gangnam Style, Children in Need (Wake me up), Love is an Open Door and Let it GOOOO let it GOOOOOO etc etc

Managed to keep going despite the pain inflicted on my ears! And it did the trick, anyway. I had a good run, and returned home feeling glad that I’d gone out.

Weirdly, the best song for running to was the Children in Need song. It was just the right speed for me to plug into the rhythm and run at the same pace; it helped me to run with a decent (fast… but not too fast) cadence. The other song I’ve found like this is Fill My Little World. I’m now sick to death of it, as I’ve listened to it on so many runs!

So, I need to put some songs together that I can bear to listen to before I go out again…..


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