List (and some good news about cholesterol)

So a slightly more positive week, on the running front. Also on the general health front. I got the results back from my cholesterol test, and my total cholesterol level has decreased since last year, which I’m really pleased about. It’s not quite where I want it to be, but it’s a start. Also my triglycerides are within range, so that has to be positive! Robin has suggested using sterols, so I’m going to give them a try.

I didn’t run until Wednesday this week. A lovely morning run with Sophie. Then the club run on Thursday evening was the 5 mile circuit, but with efforts. Luckily, the same guy that ran the circuit with me last time stuck with me, and we just did it all at my pace.

Saturday morning, I went out again with Sophie, as Sarah was ill, and it was Kate’s birthday. It was pouring with rain and windy and horrid, but it was a fabulous run. We both kind of got in the zone, and finished in a really good time. I ended up doing over 6 and a half miles, once I’d run to Sophie’s house and back. So I’m really pleased with that.

I did an extra swim session this week (Tuesday night), and have managed to do a fair bit of yoga. Am feeling positive.

Some exciting news is that I have a free session with a personal trainer on Wednesday, to work out a plan for my training. It turns out he’s a triathlon coach, so he can help me prepare for the Waveney Triathlon in September. It’s great timing, because I haven’t been out on the bike at all yet, and I was just getting to the starting-to-panic stage! So hopefully, he can give me some advice on getting going.

week 7: total miles run = 14     weight = -3.0kg  other stuff: cycle/ trailer commuting, yoga, and 2 swim sessions (sprint set and IM set)


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