Scary cows

“I’m sorry! I can’t run through there! I actually can’t! I’m really sorry….”

“Okay. We’ll turn round and go back then…..”

I’m so not a scaredy person. I’m a nervous person. I’m a cautious person. But, I take pride in being someone who will face their fears head-on.

It’s a crazy idea doing a marthon next year. But I wouldn’t back out of it because I was scared of it. I focus on how amazing it will be when I finish. I’m terrified sometimes about the amount of work this promotion is going to involve. But I focus instead on how excited I am about it. I am, actually, a little wary of ships, yet I used to work at sea for 6 or 7 weeks at a time (sometimes in really high seas). I’m not scared of spiders. I am cautious about heights, but not overly so…. but cows. I just don’t like cows.

When I used to run with the Hastings Runners, we’d often run out in the countryside around Winchelsea and Fairlight. It became a bit of an in-joke to take me into fields of cows. I’d tiptoe gingerly round the edge.

Usually, I deal with it. I take a deep breath. But not yesterday. There were about 5 or 6 cows, and they were sat either side of the path. Right next to it. I just couldn’t do it.

Now I feel ridiculous!

But, this is what’s lovely about running with friends. There’s no pressure. You stick together. We turned round, we discussed where we could go instead, and we carried on running.

Another morning run. Another one that I enjoyed. I sat there in the afternoon thinking how nice it was to have got it out of the way. It puts you on a high, and you still have the rest of the day to enjoy. I’m slooooowly coming round to this morning run thing.


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