Blood Pressure

My weight seems to be yo-yo-ing right now. Probably partly due to a night of wine and chocolate, following a barbecue, on Friday!

But one definite positive change I’m seeing is in my blood pressure.

My BP went up during all 3 pregnancies. Each time I ended up on medication. Each time, I came off the medication eventually. This time, I’m still on the meds, and M is already nearly 2 years old.

Lately, my BP has been lower. It’s regularly <120 and <80, and usually heading towards 70.

I just have to make sure it stays like that the next time I’m at the doctor. I suffer from really terible “white coat syndrome”.

But, the fact is, I just have to decrease it by enough that it’s still low, even when I’m sat in the doctor’s room.

It’s obviously the running that’s lowering my BP. I commented to J last night that, although I have to swim and cycle just to stay alive, it’s the running that actually makes a difference and makes me fitter. Which is a shame, because it’s the one I enjoy least! But, I do enjoy the effect it has on me. And, as J said, now that I have groups of friends to run with (the club on a Thursday, my band of giggling mum-friends), it all becomes much more enjoyable.


One thought on “Blood Pressure

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