If you can’t stand the heat….

…stay inside, miss your running club session, fall asleep at the time you’d planned to run alone instead, write a blog post with a real cliché title.

It’s hot. High 20s, I think. I’ve managed to cycle around pulling the bike trailer. I’ve even managed to take the boys swimming, which involves standing in a steamy environement for an hour or so. But I didn’t manage to run today.

Last time I ran was Tuesday. That was okay. I only wanted to do a couple of miles (in preparation for tonight’s club run, which I’ve now wussed out of), and that’s what I did. And it felt okay.

I’ve planned to run tomorrow at 6.15am (yes really!!) with KF and at 7am (almost feels like a lie-in now, after tomorrow’s plan) with SC, who I’ve never run with before (and hopefully SRP).

Hoping it all comes together. Don’t want this week’s list to be as bad as the previous one.


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