Cross training (kind of….)

This week hasn’t been a good week. I’m rather dreading doing a list post at the end of it, because it’s going to be bad on all counts!

This week, I went to a conference in Plymouth. It was an amazing experience. I got to see my sister (and brother in law, and niece) and former colleagues (it was so great to catch up!) and watch some really fascinating talks (still can’t believe how lucky I was!).

I also got to eat lots of food (almost constantly) and drink too much alcohol (one night).

I didn’t run.

I tried to run on Thursday morning, but the previous night I’d had “some wine” at the conference dinner. I barely got to the end of the road. I also had no iPod, and I was running alone (a disaster for me, as explained previously). I forced myself to stay out for about 20 minutes. But really, it was nothing at all.

I am trying not to get depressed about it. I’ll run the parkrun tomorrow, and see what happens. There’s no point in dwelling on it. I can’t change it now. I can only keep going forwards from here….

And anyway, I did do some cross training.

Monday’s journey was crazy. A fatality on the line meant we were delayed. Train cancelled. A long wait.

We gave up waiting at the station, as M needed to eat (and so did we!), and we went to the pub. We settled down to our meal thinking it was a good job we weren’t stuck at the station with a grumpy toddler and grumpy commuters. I followed what was going on via Twitter. Nothing was happening. There were rumours of buses being ordered, but nothing concrete.

But then, all of a suddent, trains started to apear. So, we were at the pub, but trains were at the station. We dashed back there, me with a huge rucksack on my back, J pushing the pushchair, and up and down over bridges and up and down steps a few times (platforms kept changing).

I’m not sure it really counts as cross training! But what I did realise was that I’m really very glad I’ve started to get fit again, or there’s no way I would’ve been able to do all that!

Onwards and upwards! and forgetting bad weeks, and looking forwards….


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