Baseline assessment

Baseline assessment is a bit of a “thing” in teaching at the moment. (In fact “assessment”, in general, is a bit of a thing right now, but that’s for a whole other blog….)

I had the chance to run the park run this morning. I don’t usually have the opportunity to do so, because J does it, and I look after the kids. It’s always been that way. I run with my friends beforehand, and get back in time for him to go off to the park (always juggling….).

But today, Omi was here, so I could run it, if I wanted to.

Wasn’t sure whether to go for it or not, as Thursday night had been such an effort, and I’m paranoid about getting injured (see previous hypochoriac post!). But I thought I’d do it at a comfortable pace, and see where it took me.

J came and cheered me on for the last bit, which was lovely, and I even put on a bit of a (slow) sprint over the final strait. I felt good at the end, and my legs felt fine. It was an “okay” pace.

J, in his usual honest way told me that “BL had been way faster than me, and M had beaten me, who is usually much slower”. Hmmmm…. suddently felt a bit deflated! But I tried to remind myself that all I was trying to do was finish, and give myselff a time to refer back to in the future.

As it turns out, I did it in 30.31, which I’m just about okay with. So that’s my baseline. That was an easy pace, not pushing at all, something to refer back to later. I might try it again next week, as Omi is still here, and see if I can push it a bit more. Or I might not! It was quite nice getting to the end and feeling refreshed, rather than broken!

Onwards and upwards!…. round the park 3 and a half times….


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