….that thing where you turn up to run with a club and they’re ALL way faster than you….

Tonight was my second night running with the club I’m thinking of joining. I turned up, feeling nervous anyway, and looked at the other runners. They looked suspiciously fast!

They looked frighteningly fast last week as well, but the session last week was “hills”, which I thought might be based in one place for a bit, whereas I knew that tonight’s session was going to be a 5 mile “steady” loop. I had no idea if I could even run 5 miles (at any pace!), let alone stay anywhere near these guys.

They were seriously lovely, though. All really friendly, and insisted someone would stay with me the whole way round. And they did! One guy ran with me for the whole loop. A guy who’s run 31 marathons, and who is very obviously way faster than me.

Thanks to him, I completed the loop without walking, and without stopping (even on the hills!). I feel super proud!

And I feel so grateful, but I feel kind of guilty as well, because this guy obviously didn’t get the run he was expecting! And I’m not sure what to do now. I want to run with the club, as I like running with other people, and I really benefit from it. And this club is perfect for me in so many ways: they meet very locally to me, and on a night I am able to make. But what if they’re all always really really fast, and someone always has to look after me? I’m not sure I’ll ever be as fast as anyone in the group that ran tonight.

Ah well. I think there were a few people missing tonight, so I’ll keep going for a bit and see how it goes.

The icing on the cake tonight was arriving home to a meal of white asparagus that Omi had brought over with her. And wine. Wine is good for runners, right?

Onwards and upwards!… but always at the back….


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