Week 2 begins, and my lower left leg is a little twingey. (Is that a word?)

Nothing major. Noticed it was a little sore during the kick session yesterday. Hopefully, it’s just a little thing. A short-lived thing. Not an injury thing.

That’s what happens when I start running again: I turn into a hypochondriac. Every little niggle is an “oh no!” and then I have the same conversation with myself that I always have at times like this. I should probably ease off a bit to stop myself getting injured. But what if I’m just being a hypochondriac? And what if I’m using it as an excuse? But what if I don’t ease off and then I get injured? It’s so frustrating! Can take months to heal. But you’re always so over-cautious, Niki! J would just run through it! But you’re not as fit as J! You need to build up slowly. Oh come on! Live a little. Stop over-reacting to everything…. etc… etc.

The problem is, having had a previous music-related injury (yes really!) that forced me to stop playing for a long period (as a child), I probably am a little cautious now!

Tonight has been a bad night, anyway. The kids are only just asleep (at 9pm). I have a load of work to do. But I think I’ll do 20 minutes yoga first. It’ll help the “injury”, help me switch off, and be an alternative to the 20 minutes of faffing that I’d probably do now anyway….

Onwards and upwards!… with caution


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