Week 1- solitary run

I had to run alone today.

I’m terrible at running alone. I hate it. I’m also really bad at running in the morning. Today, I had to run in the morning, and I had to run alone!

If I listen to comedy podcasts on my iPod, I can just about force myself to run alone. And so, with the help of Answer Me This and The News Quiz, I managed to complete the 4 mile loop that I’d done with KF a month or so ago. Weirdly, I did it in about 40 minutes, which is pretty fast for me for a plod.

Sunday is also my swimming day. I nearly didn’t go, as I’d forgotten about the time when I was at the playpark with the kids. Even when J encouraged me to go, I nearly chickened out.

But I’m so glad I went! K (the coach) let me join the session 10 minutes late, and it was a proper push-yourself-til-you-think-you’ll-puke sprint set. And much of it was kick (with fins), so it really was good for running and fat burning, and all the other stuff I need right now.

Onwards and upwards! And forwards…


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